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Keeping social distance when I'm trappin, w the homies,
running from the doctors while we coughing from the stoney
keeping 6 apart I follow orders, yea you know me
running up them shelves, stocking tp, y'all can blow
Speeding up to costco with the fucking face mask,
got sum dino nuggets and you know I got some gas
teachers telling me to work but I just sit and laugh
I'm on corona cation cuz a old fuck ate a bat
Jacking off all day, playing COD up in the night
Not eating shit for munchies, feeling high up as a kite
USA, number one you know this shit is slight
CEO of COVID If I see you it's on site
Corona Corona, wtf you think you doing?
Seniors shit getting merked and the freshie kids are booing
You took away my job, but big pharma still be booming?
Gen Z wanna die but its boomers you removing?
Still it ain't that bad, pornhub premium is free
Haven't showered in a week, but playing tennis on the wii

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