My Name is Covid

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PsychoPuppet-'s Notes

Beat: (Prod. nk music)

Interpolates: Doris Day - Que Será Será

Mixed by Roane, check out some of his other work here:

//Verse 1
My name is Covid, I’m 19 years old
I’m big for my age, killed the mighty and bold
Some hide from me and resort to talkin on the phone
Others try and embrace me when I wanna be alone
I’m travelin the world, a psychologist in trainin
But I’m stuck starin at the walls talkin to the paintings
Why is it that I’m only poppin when they hate me?
I’ll be there when you give that poisoned bottle to ya baby
To keep me runnin, some resort to violence then to death
Others say I can’t affect em but decline my friend requests
An epidemic in the flesh, a menace, you were thinkin
Never felt the caress of another human being
My relationship status is contagious, it’s tragic
It’s complicated, measures that they takin are drastic
To keep me in the image of an isolated incel
And I just wrote a card to myself sayin “Get well!”
//Verse 2
I am the puppet, I’m 16 years old
Just wanna be here to see these children grow old
I ain’t gonna rap a song bout stayin home and jackin off
I’m only tacklin problems that these grown adults are not
This nation is at war reaper waitin at the door
Those who ain’t wearin masks hide their faces even more
I know it’s hurtin us all below the surface
I’m startin to question what makes each of us a person
Is it a hearse and some flowers on a grave?
Or is the worth in our birth and how we spend our days?
Is it plowin away or spendin time with the ones we love?
And should we act tough or sweeter than a buttercup?
Why does it take an apocalypse?
To cause all this shit and expose our prerogatives
They tryna protect us we call it evil
Virus or not we all sick people

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