Cynical Faggot

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Your name is CYNICAL... To be cynical is to feel like every person is just malicious,
Out to hurt you with selfishness, shit... Now that I realize it, I'm really confirming by definition.
So with all due respect you're fucking trash and nobody likes you, I don't say that lightly
To spite you, hope you take it heavy, percentage-wise these rhymes already hold more weight by ninety
Bitch you writing like you lost it...think DJ Khalid in a pool, cuz you're off your noodle and highkey you flopped this
And it's time you try not to hide in the closet,
Cuz I may choke you up with directions my poems are going, I may choke you up out of fear before destroying,
I may choke you up by throttling that motor mouth but you? As far as sexual orientation you're out here throating boys
Rapping on the mic forcing this corny shit in ya recordings sound like RDA suppressing that gay tone of voice.
Time to open up and accept it kid, we won't make fun of you except we will
Say something with too much enthusiasm I might spasm to clutch my chest and flinch,
It's not that you bring intimidation, I'm doing that out of agitation to protect my dick.
Retard went from licking windows to swapping saliva with mirrors
Lonely bastard wipe those tears this instant before I slap them off your childish ass face with a box of cereal
Fuck what you say, you've gotta be joking it's not that serious, cuz you said it yourself... I'm a top tier lyricist
At the top of your 10 Best List, and you told me to go all in...Excuse me if I don't meet expectations, I still bet I win
In celebrations I sell abrasions, but I might not be able to cut as deep as you do when you slit ya wrists..
You may be a stupid guy, but... Nah, I can't think of a compliment to say to you besides, this rape is something I knew you'd like
I'm Ted Bundy with it! Face fucking your brain then you're due to die
This must be a deathwish..You even went at Omega after a deep depression, if he didn't get the job done I'll be your motivation for suicide.

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