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One more thing before I go.....hope y'all like free to Email me [email protected]

I been smokin' out dis pain,
The pain that I eel won't ever go away,
The scars on my wrist will always fucking stay,
The music on my mind will prolly go away,
I'm slowly turning Anti-
You won't hear a sound,
You only see me making moves and smoking like the ground,
People tell me sit I know,
Anti I think I'm going social,
K sad,
Lost my Best friend,
Suicide took her to another place I will never know,
She told me she wasn't gon leave,
Should've listend to my head,
Why no one care?
Claim all life's matter,
But I'm the only one who cared for her,
Imma go Anti ion wanna make a sound,
Imma be the quite kid,
Crying alone in the corner,
Pay attention but still fail,
Tired of all these trick bitch,
For real tho,
Imma go,

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