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Hey yo, welcome to the kingdom of C.H.R.I.S.T.
Taste and see the glory of the One who was, is, and will ever be
I'm writing out prose unto the One who is my only Way
So let me open up my heart and share what I've got to say
I've got the Hope for the ones in this life that can't cope
And if you want to be found then reach out unto Him and grope
Because the Father aint turning away any that come to Jesus
The heart of God beats to arrest and seize us
By His love can you imagine or see this?
Even though we run; He finds us and fixes us
This race is long and by His stripes we can carry on
But this is my confidence coming before Your holy throne
Lord let me come to You and the world show
As I cover my feet and carry this gospel to the road
And I won't even try to lean on my own understandin'
Cuz I've been trained to follow your heart
When I can't trace your hand and..
The weight of your glory comes
with waiting on your grace
So when You hear these words
I pray You open up the case
That this world's wisdom is foolishness
So what I'll do is show them up
and offer up the blood of the cup
And I'll never be ashamed to proclaim
I'll shout it from the streets
The only Name that's worthy of fame

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