Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

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This is the introduction of your finale
Bars like AT&T but I rap like I'm on 5G
See you in public and you sprintin' from me
Try to diss me and I pull up, no workout
It's crunch time baby but unlike you I'm never capp'n
My bars fucking you in the ass like we're spoonin
The earlier bars were just a little workout
You claiming rappad as a set but that wont work out
Fuck you and your lyrical miracle spiritual bullshit
I'm the best rapper on this site and everyone knows it
I rap like Jake Paul but my swag like Soulja Boy
First draft and I'm sending shots like a soldier, boy
This is a freestyle, bitch this ain't no throwaway
Your entire verse is something I'd throwaway
Yelling I'm the captain now like a stowaway
I'm on the front lines lining niggas like a barber
They'll be barbershop gossipin' about how I went harder
Dynamite dick bitch I'm finna blow
You already blew your load on the low
I still got like a million bars to go
It's getting spooky I think I hear somebody booing me
Never mind they're booing at you and not me
Lil man syndrome cause I pop off like Uzi
You see there's a huge difference between you and me
I'm the type nigga to steal your grandmas from her purse
You're the type to get carried away in a hearse
I'm just a grimy ass, evil, evil, evil, ass nigga
Evel Knievel, the way I'm stuntin' on yo ass, nigga
Bro, There's kids in Africa starving
So I went Lil B and cooked these bars up for them
They singing Yummy like Bieber
Snorting so much crack it look I got a fever
They screaming too far but I never backtrack
All your bars scream backpack, backpack, backpack
I need the map cause I can't find where your good bars at
Wicked pen and I win again

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