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Lost souls, ye shits beautiful
Ye, uh huh, ye, uh huh, ye uh huh
From the beginning of time people always want to be asleep
That’s why we ignore issues and hate alarms, annoying beeps
The situation is kind of steep if we see the world around us
I’ve been drinking liqs, with a Crown waiting behind us
My friends are always mocking me for having my own dream
But I just let it off, they get me heated I pass steam
Only real ones on my team, always follow the procedure
Fans are always asking when I’ll come back with a feature
But I won’t, cause no mind is close to bein mine
Mining precious beats as the time is passing by
I ain’t doin this for money or to get eternal fame
Instead I want to make a difference and alter human brains
Ye, uh huh, ye, uh huh, ye, uh huh
From the beginning of time humans always had projections
Now we stuck inside a planet which strives for pure perfection
But it’s impossible, not plausible, we don’t have what it takes
Cause to do something correct is to learn from your mistakes
No one gets it so we continue to try to top our past
Look around, not even magic can heal us with a cast
Time has passed, but the human mind is still so fucking feeble
The cerebral of these people will continue to release its evil
Minds a keyhole, unlock it and you’ll see we soon will dissapear
Cause they only changing choices when the end is coming near
Get a ear, hear me out cause I’m preaching my own truth
That’s the only thing I try to do when spitting in this booth
Lost souls are walking Earth to this day
From birth they want the fame and the pay
Why can’t we all open our eyes
To see that life is not just a prize

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