Love is strong

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We both have a past, but that's okay. Need to forget some and throw it away
Thinking about you changes my day. I used to be a different person, but you made me change.
Now you're part of my heart that will never be questioned.
You're like a gift from God the most perfect and beautiful angel,
So come with me girl, I can make it a fable. It's like we got stuck in a fairy tale
We will never have to be separated, i promise love, honesty, and loyalty,
i know its hard to belive but give me a chance and youll see the love i provide will never be presented ignorantly
take my hand we were meant to be, nothing will get between you an me, girl this is my destiny come and fulfil it wit me
yeah the way you look at me tells me everything, from love and doubt to questioning...
I can answer all the questions you have for me later just come and have conversation wit me,
maybe later i can take take you out. Girl wherever you wanna go im down.
staring into your beutiful eyes, Ever since i saw you i knew you my type...
girl just thinking about you changes my life, girl you deserve to be treated right... and im a guy who will treat you right,
your the girl of my life hope to be soon to be mine... hope to be soon to be the love of my life,
now you in my dreams every night, girl you know love really flies...girl dont cry... just look in my eyes, ...
if you ask me a question i will never tell lies...
i want you to know that you can tell me your deepest secrets and trust me not to say anything nor revise.
Trust me when i say i wont lie, i can make everything right, this would be a new start of my life.
Never wanna go back into time, i wanna be close to those i care for and girl... you i can not ignore.
Packin my bags and i walk out the door, understanding that they dont want me no more, hopin i find a good girl,
and i think i just found the most beutiful perfect girl in the world.
I had to let go of life and open my eyes to find the true love of my life.
She standin infront of me girl i knew my heart would try, girl you know this our time, a question... i don know.
Hopein you will be my girl. I just wanna make your life,
Yeah you can trust me with anything, whatever you want ill do anything.
Take my hand itll be ok tell me what you wanna tell me bae, i would listen to you anyday,
on my down days you make me feel ok, you already know what i wanna say ,
but i dont know if its inprinted yet think you gan have to publish it yeah,
i know how you think bout things, i know how u think about me.
So pull up your sleves and come with me
i know you doubted but you better belive i need you and you know you need me,
im not the type who would turn around and break your heart, i consider you as a personality filled piece of art,

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