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Hella chill, hella thoughts. let's run this shit.
Ay, call it a money grab, but with my thoughts, i think of it as a time to relapse
Just sit back, and chillax, with my girl fillin' the thoughts, of my happi-ness.
cupid killin' it, shootin' constantly into my heart, left a scar, but wait. not the bad kind-
my bad mind fixin' itself 'till i rewind, but i'll admit. it's happenin' less.
ever since you walked into my mind, i could never regress, i feel blessed, fuck the stress.
and anythin' that tries to get in the way of you, we made it through, and i ain't gettin' those days of blue.
Just chill vibes, fill my nights. away but still never afraid to fly, love you 'till the day i die.
I don't mind the bad times, one look and it's still just fine, Early Morning, raise my eyes. seein' sunshine.
the way, the sun light's to your skin, just adds to the fact that you're beautiful as shit.
Wait up, hol' up, dont lemme forget that if we hugged forever, it'll never be enough.
because you're one, that i trust, lovin' you is all i want, and you yourself, will always be my love.

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