Da Cypher

• Written by  • Featuring PHaze and T-rez

Yo, pass me the microphone so I can set the tone
Niggas gon' need a Lotta help I ain't talking bank loans
Niggas know who blow the dust off an old record
Its only fair that I can warn you I was born with a set of horns
with my neck wrapped in the umbilical chord
I came out and smacked my mama in the head with a keyboard
Sike, nigga you mad fuck nigga you actually sad
I scribble psychotic lines in my notepad apps are you ready for combat?
Fuck it imma pass it on PHaze is gone...
This right here ain't a battle you really want
I'm like Jordan in the air hands up then I dunk, uh
You think you seeing me? I think you out your mind
You ain't gon never have no paper sitting there watching mine
I know your homies probably told you that it might work
But y'all ain't ready lemme show you how this mic work
Now get with it, I spit it excuse me for being explicit
I just give it these hittas the way I live it
Show them I'm one of a kind, pay me no nevermind
Just take a dude whoever pay you and tell em to press rewind
Damn boy you got me going HAM boy
You know exactly where I'm from
Exactly what I stand for
Oh you a fanboy I know that wasn't the plan boy
But you ain't bout it, and it's cool I understand boy
Listen I'm the realest here dream been a boss, bitch
Oh you say you on boy I guess that I'm the off switch
I ain't never forfeit, good game shooter and I don't miss
Good luck trying if you think that you can off this
Pretty SL:
I'm a lion, you just lying on the oath, that's perjury
All of these diamonds cut around my neck, I need surgery
I'ma put this man in the dirt
You just a white boy lost, that's an amber alert
Okay, these next couple words may be very unfamiliar
Cash, coins, guap, money, moola, scratch, skrilla
I'm fresh, cool and fly, jets to Dubai
You belong in the cubicle with dress, shoes and ties
If you run around saying you the best, who am I
If I put you on the guest list, yes you denied
I'm the ruler, I'm the heir, the prince of Zamunda
This is a chest full of treasures versus the cooler full of beers
What Up
See I always stayed down for my bros
Because loyalty is all I know
Down to ride for 'em, and I won't lose control even when we hit bumps in the road
We get money, on our own
I treat it like baseball, and bring it back home
No king kong, but we're strong
So just like the bank better leave us alone
Like we car shopping, swear we've been through a whole lot
We swerved around all the road blocks
I put my family over everything like hot sauce on the stove top
Don't want me retaliate, don't mess with nobody related
I roll for my bros, you know for my folks, I'm going as hard as the pavement
If they need anything then I got 'em
Promise all of their problems, my problems
I can always tell one thing about 'em
They hold me down even when I'm at rock bottom
Through it all, when I fall
They pick me up like a phone call
No pretend, all my kin
We going for the win like a long ball

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