Confessions (Feat.E-Z-Khay)

• Written by  • Featuring E-Z-Khay

[E-Z-Khay Verse:]
I'm looking up to the man above to realize he doesn't care
God is gone, the devil's there, to make my life full of despair
Blood trickling down her face, staining her skin
She's losing consciousness, saying everything started to spin
I dropped to my knees in disbelief
She was losing life, I was losing hope, made me disbelieve
This is were our story ends
It's ripping me apart cause it seems like we've just began
I'm alone in my room full of darkness
Putting the knife to my skin so i can feel it's sharpness
I'm a murderer in my mind
Cause I was to blind
to see that she was dying inside
Her thoughts were tearing her up, making her wanna find peace
She's shattered my heart, and took every piece
This is all my fault, I wouldn't listen to what she had to say
I'm crying now that she's gone away
I should have been there for her when she was down and low
I'm tryna say my goodbyes while sobbing and saying i'll miss her, I hope she knows
Trapped inside my mind like it's a prison cells
My tears are the rivers where I cast my farewells
[Kaze45 Verse:]
It all begins with birth, god gifts us with a pure soul until
We get to witness with our own eyes how cold and cruel this world
Is, its part of life I guess, sometimes I visit her tombstone to
Remind me that there is no love and no immortality to it, people
Kill people everyday what is there to change when they all failed to follow
Their very own rules, don't call this a fucking prayer I don't believe in you
Anymore so I'm not asking for your forgiveness, god is a disease
A fooling sickness that got people worshiping so they could stop believing
In that they are fucking sinners, I walk with blood on my hands
And it will never end until the clock stops to fucking tick,
I'm not thankful for this life, if I had to believe in some kind of god i
Would believe in the devil cuz there's only evil to witness,
Yes I'm corrupted in a fucking sadistic way, will I ever find peace the
Answer is no, my soul is cursed since the very day that Jessica overdosed
On laced drugs, I wish to go back in time to the days I've Lied right into your eyes
I'm a scum for leaving you in your hardest life moments, I just wish to leave this
Place, what goes around comes back around all I wait for is to die
Cuz life is hard and death is easy, but still y'all won't understand
Boy: what's life?
The Devil: Life is beautiful from the outside as it is horrible
And cruel from the inside.
Boy: Does God love us?
The Devil: no. He never did we're just here for a purpose.
Boy: what's that purpose?
The Devil: You decide.

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