Deep Whole I'm In

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Intro: Yea. Yall know how much ive messed up.
I just want to take it all back, just start right back from scratch.
Do it all over again and fix the mistakes. Some yall can relate...
Yea. I know all these people. They keep saying. Let it go man!
Its over now! Just forget about it! Yea i know, but its hard ya know,
when you love someone that much, then you make one mistake
and then it ruins everything. Yea. It really breaks you,
it really does. It makes you feel like u were never loved.
And that person was just waiting to dump your ass.
It just sticks with you forever. But i do, sometimes
just gotta tell myself more and more lies, its the only thing
that helps. Thats just how I feel. I just feel like, im in a well,
and the only way out is to get saved, no getting out myself.
Ive tried that, it dont work. You remember what NF said in if you want love?!
That you cant have love without breaking trust, having fights,
and going through pain!? Yea its true, been through it lots.
(Non rap verse): You will know when you find the right one,
because when u get in those fights, they will forgive you, and
still love you no matter what, and just move on and forget about
it. Thats what real love is, just lettin you guys know that...
Yea. You all know how alone i am! You heard the song? No?
Well listen to it, then come back. And yea, i do try to love other
people, go to other people, but nope, it never works out, they
lose love so fast. So im dont going to people! Just fucking done!
Just please, dont come to me, i ready anyway anymore. It just,
just from this deep hole im in...
Yea, this all got my head goin round, cause at one moment shes
acting like she loves me, then the next she talkin bout the guy
she still loves who rejected her because hes 18. Yo, i dont know,
what to do. Does she feel the same? Does she actually love this
other dude? Is this just a fake story shes making up to make me
Im just always tryna get over this shit. But its impossible,
ive never had someone who played games with my head this much.
I do, i really love her, but i dont know. She dont feel the same?
...Wait, yea she does... Wait, no she dont...just wait...give me time...
i need to get out of this deep whole im in.
So wait...wait...wait. This album isnt even half done?
Damn, keep playin, you still got more.
And dont worry, it dont stop here...

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