1 AM remix (feat. M-Savage)

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You know the names Apollo and I'm up next
The path I gotta go to be a star is a trek
I'm torying different lanez like my name is daystar
You talk about guns I got homies with a rs
I'm the man that you say you are
I'm that genius making your computer go haywire
You've been tripping out like u on ayahuasca
I'm the highest on the roster no room for imposters
You be getting tacos I go for empanadas
Thats means your on the main and I get the desert
From the desert land man I need to come with a plan to get money in advance
Or i wont go the distance
From a distance it seemed like no had noticed
But in that hardest moments i found who were the closest
That shit opened me up like a lotus
Im high tier call me the potus
Like it or not I'm the captain of this ship
U try to sink it I gotta trump you with the forty five on my hip
Then I gotta dip with my clique d f r we the shit
Now lemme present to you the east coast villain
Whos making a killin off the bars he's drilling
M savage with the dope spitting

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