Callin - "Art With A Pen" (Writt...

• Written by  • Featuring KingLlynz

// Intro \\
Rap is my emotional output, I honestly believe that I can make
Art With A Pen, just sit back and watch a masterpiece unfold.
// Verse 1 - Lunatic A.K.A. Callin \\
I have these thoughts go through my mind as I try to rewind
and look back on my own life, seeing if I have a chance to thrive
or if i'll even survive long enough to live my life happily,
it's like i've been through some sorta tragedy,
haven't been in the right frame of mind recently,
if rap was money i'd be homeless on the street hopeless
wishing somebody would notice, but now I gotta get up and focus,
force people to make way like Moses, this is my hocus pocus cause now
i'm back on track, a hell of a comeback I might add,
cleaned off the dust from my notepad, this is my renaissance
and i'm gonna stand out like a King in a deck of cards,
a jack of all trades holding excaliburs blade,
for an instance everything seems to fade and i'm alone in the shade,
as I walk, the trees begin to separate and I see the stone that this blade
use to lie in wait, someday use it to decimate anybody in their way,
and nobly return it to it's resting place, in a blaze of glory we rewrite history,
this journey has lead us to a noble victory,
// Verse 2 - KingLlynz \\
The psycho went ascendin' now the character comes, you know we faux
Coldly not sober when the focus loss goes, we off motion
Respectin' em postin with the lonely gospels, expected if you only rap phony on em
Complain about the tone we got, the art the pen creates a solace thought but,
We soulless in the cold we got up, knowin' every grope is awe stuck
Nosebleed like the ink my "enemies" prevented me from solely jot some
Dont need a fuckin reminder from these pussies of what the law was
So come on bitch in the past i've dealt with faggots meddlin'
Tryna flatten me with iron but dont flatter where i put the metal in
Stuck with the last people my thought process tryna shelter with
Stuck with grievin' too, look what i'm ensuring is all blurry surmise
Creation of the first bite when i pass by throw accidental shade on em with a lurid dirt bike,
Errand runnin' but they say we erring like the air is on a surface, purge life out of em with writtens they insist to make us hurry turns like,
Fuck with me and Lunatic but havent counted the sharpie's contrivances
We aimin' for the foot so the legless spared first then where them iris is
Flickin' like the sirens did, different with the science fiction with em from where the trident hits, fish you like the stylists gifts

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