VENDETTA FEAT. 6Kill Christian...

• Written by  • Featuring Christian_Lanes and 6Kill

//6KIll 0:21
Get back, gotta get back atcha,
Tossed it at me first, now get back, catcher,
You wanted smoke, well here’s a pack, slacker,
Now it’s time for me to shit on all you fuckin’ wack rappers,
Y’all fucked up majorly, threw a buncha shade at me
Now you wanna make up like Maybelline? Go head and take a leak,
You really pissed me off, so piss off, hater leave,
You couldn’t make bread if you worked in a damn bakery,
Try that shit again, we gon bury you 6 feet,
Kid’s sweet, like Drake I bet you gon miss me,
Miami wit big 3, you don’t want it with this heat,
I been grindin’ mothafucka, turn this beef into mincemeat,
Out for revenge, we, without a doubt won’t be friends,
There’s a consequence for what’s ensued in recent events,
Send out my goons for you, you better have outstanding defense,
No lie, I’ll have you lying down, now what’s your pretense?
//Christian_Lanes 1:05
Yeah, I bet you never thought I would've made it,
Yeah, go ahead and cover up frustration,
Yeah, I flipped the coin see yo two faced,
Heads or tails hit the road cuz boi you too late yeah!
You used to use me as a damn crutch,
Every time you got hungry I bought your damn lunch,
We was the brothas bumpin' up the anthem,
Seeing ghost Sam Darnold now you a phantom!
My reminiscing is a compilation of your proclamation,
Taking megan strip her naked try to give me sloppy seconds,
Never ending toast to nervous friending why am I forgetting,
All the trauma you was causin' I really need to stop pretending
Asking open ended questions, "am I learning lessons?"
"What are my confessions?" Begin to start second guessing,
Hallucinations turn to lucid weapons get to stepping,
Aim it at your thinking cap then I bust it in your direction,
I became something you only dream you could ever grasp;
Hollywood babes Lamborghini Urus load the cash,
All that sappy shit I'mma leave it with you in the past,
Adios! Sayonara! Don't let the door hit your ass!
Yeah, and I was gonna end it on a fast note,
Yeah, but I remember we used to pass jokes,
You ain't gonna be an easy one to forget,
But I can guarantee you gonna be the one with the regret.
//E. M. 2:00
Pessimists betta catch a glimpse of my footprints,
I raised 'em like good kids wit' closed eyelids,
I'm independent, I am legend, like Will Smith,
I got Judas friends, tryin' to kill me like the Nazareth,
Announcin' vengeance wit' such evil intentions,
my presence in bed wit', the woman you called your wife,
soon's you get checked, you kissin' ass and you all smiles,
what a typical imbecile individual,
thinkin' you know how to hustle? Get eat up in this jungle,
I killed my betraying disciples, merely left wit' 6 Christians,
on a vendetta for this fella, ruin his dreams like Cinderella,
Y'all struck my nerve; tryin' to be polite sayin' the right words,
I need a licence to kill, like killin' Bill to fulfill the thrill,
until the FEDS sneakin' up on me, I gotta fly to Brazil,
need a passport to get aboard transport, ''hey, all aboard!"
on his knees beggin'; I'd leave a rapper on life support,
I don't wanna win your praise, just hear me applaud,
The shit I'm saying is raw, like beef and pork.

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