My memorabilia Ft PsychoPuppet &...

• Written by  • Featuring Neo-Arno and PsychoPuppet

//verse 1//(PsychoPuppet
Turn the key and walk in through the door
Into the home that once was where I ain’t live anymore
My memorabilia of memories piled up high
Sit in that old chair and think back to that time in my life
And all my old belongings got me feelin so nostalgic
The concept of progress was just a broken promise
I’m climbin up the tree of life as limbs break
It’s insane what I thought was true colors was just chipped paint
They want me to switch lanes back to the future
Back to the puppet show through apps and computers
They promised a better future that was a rumor
Now it’s wastelands through which we have to manuever
It was all just a dream now I have to get up
They can’t fit my childhood in the back of the truck
Now that’s enough of that I gotta pull myself together
Take one final look and leave my world behind forever
//Verse 2//(E-Z-Khay)
I remember all the memories we have from back then
I've been thinking of you, wondering when i'll see you again
Some memories are fading, as i miss you more
I'm patiently waiting, for you to approach the door
Remembrance of our time together tares me down as we drift apart
I still have the memorabilia in my closet preventing my heart
from shattering as i keep thinking of you, it's like you never left
I remember all the days when you called me the best
I'm sorry for all I've done
Sorry that I wasn't enough
That was he day I moved and it was the day I wrecked my future
just to find out a couple months later she was dying from a tumor
Dropping to my knees praying as if the world was ending
People say i'm overreacting but to me it feels like my life is depending
on your life as my motivation to keep going on because without you i'm lost
Every decision you make in your life comes with a cost
She is now gone so the pieces of my broken heart become my memorabilia
//Verse 3//(Neo-Arno
Memories come short, like cryptogram
I wanna dry out there's a line in the sand
Thoughts in the air, I didn't care
Lied unaware, got a fight with despair
I'll live with regret, right till the end
I was a loser couldn't find inner strength
Was hiding somewhere, not grinding the edge
Was gon visit friends but I missed again
Baby listen now, I'm down to scream it loud
I was living foul and I'd bring you down
I'd chisel out then disavow but I had been throughout
Hell lot of shit, so i had a reason
you called me an animal so I had a season
Saw you on the street, we stumbled across
My memories with you are uttermost

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