Retribution (MCRuthless, Young_S...

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MCRuthless in his sewer butt-kissing,
Missing half his brain, trynna keep dissing,
Volunteering for fletching, starts puking,
Then coming back for his second helping!
He thinks his drugs are addicting,
Now his vision is blurred, oh no!
He’s starting to convulse! Pulse goin’ to hyperdrive,
After he took five hits of ecstasy and crack,
Filled with jealousy, because Cat-y-lix,
As his spine snaps in half, and he pulls his back back,
Now his neck splits because his head did a 180.
Ruthless’s banana split, because Baebae Doll chomped on it like a banana split!
Baebae Doll‘s right, I got my wrist slit,
But Ruthless is up in this bitch, (Doctor! It’s a Molar Pregnancy!)
You act like a lyricist? But you can’t do shit,
I’m not even at my limit, or my harshest,
But this is already a bloodfest,
//“Time to finish this, C’mon Antagonistic”
//“Finally need an Alter-Ego? I got you...”
I’m loadin’ copper in my gun,
shoot you in the head, a penny for your thoughts.
Baebae doll is ill mentally, with her gang of thots.
I spit ill, while you got those pennies in a bunch,
how much insults a bunch.
I’d punch a bitch,
talkin’ bout hic, but I’d rather Punch, or Capri-sun,
Your impregnated with a son.
Ruthless pull the plug out of that computer,
I already won this beef,
You eatin’ Young_Shady’s beef,
Pull the plug off the life support.
The only clips Charlie got are paper clips,
I’ll eclipse your vision with sharpened paper clips,
Anyways I’m insulting Charlie, Charlie doesn’t like my 2 pencils!
//“Antagonistic, nice job it’s over”

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