Superior (prod. Zenist Beats)

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My flow superior
More than your interior
Lyrical ability matching my agility
Jumping over barriers
I come so hostile like a pit bull terrier
The more to fight the merrier
Cause I be in the matrix
Your basic like asics lets face it
Let me trace it
Back to when you ever aced this
Never your lifes wasted
Swamp i needa drain it
Because your tainted
Fighting with me I'm gonna fight back
Fucking with me you needa bounce back
Ducking on me your gonna pop back up
Don't even act up you'll get slapped up
Play with a boss your gonna get fired
Smack them lips they're bouta get wired
Aint break a sweat I'm not even tired
Ain't kiss ass I don't speak to the choir
To you its just a hobby to me its a job
I don't pull back on the reigns I don't needa stop
I really care bout a career i dont wanna flop
Thats why I work on quality before I drop

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