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Marvelous majestic,
Easy to digest it,
Infested with eclectic technics,
But I'm the medic so I've got this shit covered with injections.
Perfection is hiphops ressurection,
Got a whole bunch of rhymes to add to the collection,
Did I mention this site is crap?
Awareness seeing through the cracks,
Set up of the decade however still persistent to offer Prac lessons,
Keep everyone on their toes and on track,
My role similar to a drummer,
In sync thrashing sticks for higher lumber,
Bummer ain't it?
Believe in myself so much I know I own it!
Claiming solidarity's rewards,
Severed phonies microphone chords,
Yeah it's quiet and bit lonely,
Better that than investing myself to thoughts that don't fucking know me!
So let the bass line kick and tickle my balls through my Sony.

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