Level of Mine Freestyle (visual)

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[Intro: Infinite]
I didn't wipe my ass last night
Cuz I ran out of Quran Pages
[Verse: Infinite]
I'm the main source of Carbon Dioxide
Let the climate change, yeah, come here on my side
Greta Thunberg is a puppet she Just lies
I ain't gonna explain shit fuck it I'm done tryin'
Billie Eilish is a fat fuck
That's the only reason she wears baggy clothes and fuckin slack cloth
She prolly gonna strip naked in a couple of years
And may never ever make another ominous verse
You a gimmick like Shawn Mendes
When he thinks he's cut but he's just trendin'
Fuck the fame and rapshit I just want vengeance
Imma do it 'till I'm dead cuz my mind's endless
I keep knocking my head to a piece of glass
Till I have a face uglier than Brie Larson's ass
Fuck diversity, bring Steve Rogers back
Man, what the fuck is that?
Tell me where Rick Grimes is at
Imma kill a Muslim when I see one
Imma take a shit and wipe my ass with a page of Quran
I am an insult (incel) To-to-to-to your shit bitch
Fu-fu-fu fuck all of y'all
Imma-ma-ma rape your dead bitch
You ain't on level of mine
Cuz I been spending a hell of a time
What you doing just pissing me off
You fuckers are making the devil arise
Infinite get 'em and enemy dies
Eminent danger, I'm heavily rapin' em
Tellin' em I ain't never gon' diminish
Payin' em with a pen, a feminist cries
Whooo! Let me slow it down a bit
You're a fraud Tommy Craze your shit's another counterfeit
You won't survive a second in the country that I live
He wants to grow a beard be a man but I doubt he can
Fuckin faggot

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