Leave me (prod. by Sahara)

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//Hyms/hums 0:00-0:24//
//Verse 1 0:24-2:00//
To be honest I had doubt I wouldn't make it far
Now I'm on a journey to go and be a star
My first swing may have not been up to par
But since the start I've been working on better bars
Every line every verse every feature
I've been speaking high hopes like a preacher
Maybe I should jack in and cruise I ain't talking reacher
I'm just seated in til I go and meet the reaper
But right now the road forked like a snakes tongue
The pressure pushes on me like an iron lung
I wish this was a double triple laned highway
But even those end plus I've done this my way
Thinking bout the people that I learned from
Thinking bout the far distance that I've come
Oh man what have I become what have I done
My old words and actions can't be undone
Now I need a make a choice that I can live with
Should I be stem major should I be a wordsmith
Can I do both I'm not good with decisions
I need facts I can't fuck with opinions
Oh shit damn now my phone is ringing
Heart pounding I just know the meaning
They start off with a loving greeting
But you can hear the undertone meaning
Are you good? how've you been? what you doing there?
Do you have anything that you wanna share?
Do you know that we wanna be over there?
Do you know that we've been pretty fair
You need a man up and make a choice
And I know you should damn well have a voice
Do you wanna follow our own points
Or are you making your own ploys
//Chorus 2:00-2:24//
Please don't leave me
Please don't leave me
I see you grieving
But please no leaving
If you see what I'm tryin to see
If you see what I'm gonna be
Please don't leave me
Please don't leave me
//Verse 2 2:24-4:24//
Hows your day? What you done? What you thinking bout?
You already know what were thinking bout
Do you have friends? How about your grades?
Are you an intern yet? You know we prayed
Have you made your life choice tell me is it so
We can't take it anymore now we wanna know
If don't know now then it should be soon
Oppurtunities closed leaving the room
Now I got voices in my head that I'm speaking to
Telling me that I should do what I wanna do
Then theres the one on the other side
Telling me thats a lie don't let your pride guide
You should listen to your parents be a good man
You should know they gave you a good plan
Now don't listen to your imagination
That side is just a bad creation
But what if that side has a point i can stand by
I can be determined become a do or die
What if I fall in love with the other side
It can take me for a wild ride
The choice really matters at this point
It would be useless like a weedless joint
Now you have two sides that aren't joined
Choose one then the other will be ruined
The matter of the issue is that I can't decide
If it was up to me then I would go and hide
This problem in my brain causes a divide
Larger than the largest tidal wave size
But now I will rise like a growing tree
It doesn't work for you but its fine with me
Now that I know what I wanna be
Its time to go and reach for that destiny
I know that I would let my parents down
Won't even help me make me drown
But if it really goes down in this town
My sound will make a crater in the ground
This is the Apocalypse
No acropolis can bottle this
If my parents don't sponsor this
Then I know what their response is
//Chorus 4:24-4:48//
Please don't leave me
Please don't leave me
I see you grieving
But please no leaving
If you see what I'm tryin to see
If you see what I'm gonna be
Please don't leave me
Please don't leave me
//Ending 4:48‐5:36//
Love me
Hug me
Don't lay me to rest
You know I tried my best
The only one I've known
The love I've only known
Please don't let me go
Please don't let me
Let me breathe
Let me breathe
Let me see
Let me see
Let me breathe
Be with me
When I cease
You can leave
//humming/hyms 5:36-5:55//

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