Down in the Abyss [ DateMasamune...

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H4z4rd's Notes

Diss To DateMasamune A.K.A Abyssalhuunter

* Starts at 0:18 *
Intro: H4z4rd
Bitches who want to claim this come take a look at this & take it
your just a flamin fag that ain't enough fake me
cuz your shook to know what my name is
Bars Breaker, come Try to take me
when i'm wasted
Verse 1- H4z4rd
You look like when my Bitch is Pregnant
you expect this shit every second
Okay listen I don't know who the bitch is
so give me a Minute to find the Bow Legged Hoe whos Dick is you kissin
& shits over if you Forget your Written
so just learn to spit bars & get the fuck away from my Bitch & quit Bitchin
if you wanna Beef I can Handle you myself & burn on a Panel of Meat
Beat your ass in the Shadow with my Sandals
fuck your battles the GOAT just ATE 8 acres of Cattle
& Bitch why you holdin up
I don't give a fuck you Folds you up
so shut the fuckin up
I hope you Rust until your Nuts Cut themselves up
Why do I have to talk to this bitch who can never shut up
eat a Plate of shit while I stuff you mouth full of Cups
( alright man get to the point )
feel like I got a joint in my mouth & no voice
in a limo at gun point
just put a pin in your demo so take a jump in the void
hit a stump & made a thump
after I just fucked your bitch to cunts
& got a bump from the stunt
think you could spit bars till their melted &runny
Lookin like Sponges thinkin its funny
So listen People who live in Hungary
Shits going Berserk like a Stuffed Turkey
don't worry Imma fuckin burn this Bird into Jerky on Thursday
then stash him in a bag fuckin Curry wit wordplay
but if wake up Early
then I'll give you a fuckin Swirly
Rapped in Coil & quit acting like a fuckin girly
Despite that you have no potential & light
I hope you fuckin burn in my Fire & Die of Life
Like a fuckin Pilot comin at Firefighter with a Knife
Beat you wit some fuckin Iron then put some Lighter Fluid in your Eyes
then getting the urge to act Higher than that Spider Dude in the Sky
during the purge I got the urge
to call ya a fuckin retard DuhDoi
Why the fuck are you so annoying
quit toying around bitch I got food POISONING
Not from SOY SAUCE so I'm in a stupid mood
and ready for you to get SKEWED until your BOILING
I hope you SUE me after the FEUD
and your acting Tough cuz you knew I was that dude
That could piss you off Trolls
Say Hi to Sike Trolls
Fuck your Tricycle Get a Bicycle
I'm so fuckin light but you Need lipo
My Rhymes are full of Disciples
Stick in Shit your Eye Like I got a handful of Icicles
Get the fuck away from my Damsel
Flip me off & you get Lit by a fuckin Cannibal holding a Candle
Trick or Treat Graffiti go & drink some fuckin Speed you big Weenie
for I go off on a bitch & squeeze the neck like I'm gripping beats
Then I spit these pills on the skipping Skis
Skid your face like I'm hitting Tees
this f***** acting like Jack got Jacked off by Jill up on the hill
If you make no sense I'll bill it
like Tiller dirt on whoopee cushions I spilled it
but should I really pop a pill next to Lilly
now that would be fuckin silly
would it but maybe a milligram & little bit of filling wouldn't kill me
now listen I don't really wanna be a Meanie
but get this fuckin faggot offa dis Machine
& let em pick his Ration of Weenies
he got a Passion for gettin Jacked off by his Imaginary Genie
so fuck your Fantasy freebies
& quit acting like you can tan with a can of Kiwi
Mr mathers wannabe should wear a Sack a shit for a Beanie
get the Mic & put up the set
cuz I'm hittin tees
2 cents & a bitch is what you bettin me
it doesn't make sense of you not lettin me
to fuck your bitch to pieces want a piece of mine come & get the rest of me
while I'm fuckin testin a rep to say
fuck the abyss & the end of his legacy
it's your choice
feel like I got a joint in my mouth & no voice
in a limo at gun point
just put a pin in your demo so take a jump in the void
hit a stump & made a thump
after I just fucked your bitch to cunts
& got a bump from the stunt
fuck you faggot I'll stuff you in a bag
after I fucked your bitch in the ass till I fuckin got her soft as a maggot
I know your pissed off so go off & get a knife
cuz your bitch asked to bite me
I got two cases & probation fight me
Abyssalhunter- No please don't kill me
H4z4rd- Fuck you *BANG*

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