Leave me be

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Paranoid from cannabanoids
Or is it me
In which i lost myself and my whole sanity
Hoes to beef with so they get my seasonin
Fuck the anger out her like a rapist policeman
That shit raw as if i wanna baby maybe
Later but currently chronic masturbator
Intelligent these rhymes could be sellin quick
If only people cared about wits
Its more about the beat and a hook
Like im boxing a fish
But im not
i just stick to my script
Glued it and dipped
White as elmers here to tell ya no snitch
Need to fuck a bitch immediately
So i thought id need to flip keys for a pussy spree
Cat in the hat a slut with a cap
Fucked her from the back cuz the face don't look like that
Misogynistic since these plots given to me
From the women in my history
So every woman is a bitch ya see
But I'm still smooth and i don't slip
Sand on the glass as hours pass or the clock ticks
So used to being toxic no avenger
Wanna be more than a pass enger
Im so clever so fuck it im done bitch
Round 4 and again im cummin no discussion

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