PATIENCE(One Take Snippet)

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I got no patience not gonna wait
Where’s my buffet ima fuck up the plate
To many demons get under the gate
It’s a race for my life now I don’t know my fate
I’m on probation they threw down the slate
Playing the game now I’m doing the race
Losing my mind bitch get out of my face
I’m a ticking time bomb man I’ll blow up this place
I’m feelings so reckless so y’all better check this
Last time that I checked yall are not on my check list
Got me second guessing bitch who you impressin
Now you’ll learn your lesson stop with the deception
Battle for battle the man now can handle
I’m filled with the ammo I’ll sneak in like camo
Riding around and no not in the bando
Y’all listening right now better watch out for Brando

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