YNG_SHADY diss track

• Written by  • Featuring -Kaz-

BZ23's Notes

Diss track to YNG_SHADY, he stole a verse from eminem's lucky you and used it in my cypher, i didn't realize it was stolen until someone told me it was,i let it slide for a bit but then he sent out a message to me saying he had done it other times, at least thats what i understood from that message, i let it slide for a bit, but ever since it was bothering me, so i recently took his verse off the cypher, if you want to check it out https://www.rappad.co/rap/805971 here is the link,

YNG_SHADY stealin slim shady's verses, now he finna have to verse us,
now we finna make YNG_SHADY worthless, cause me and flows are more murderous than a killer clown circus,
kid what your doing is preposterous, get a consciousness, the disses coming at you are bottomless,
make you disappear like if you were anonymous, and that ain't a threat, thats a promise,
make your career end like eminem did benzino's, make up your own shit Bizzy, wanna steal verses like you did in our first battle?
//get your ass off your bull cowboy, cause the suns out, so get your guns out,
i was lettin it slide for a bit but now it's bothering me, at first i didn't even know it was a stolen verse,
now me and flows is finna put you in a hearse, leave you with a curse, took you off the cypher so now it's official,
hittin you with a triple double, incredibly unstoppable, watch you stumble and struggle through out my lyrical jungle,
little white boy you in trouble, im phenomenal, hitting you with methodical strikes,
making you fall from not so great heights, cause you never got that high up the latter,
make you look like you got hit with natural disasters, oh wait, you are a natural disaster,
your raps are worse than the shit that comes out of my ass, almost every action has a consequence
come on and pout out loud and throughout this lyrical shootout, cause im leaving you in a drought,
like a desert, now your head is finna be severed and sent out in public so you'll be remembered,
and this shit'll be kept in the records, to be remembered as the one that left your body chopped up and dismembered.
Im done not going easy on you again gonna murder this beat like jack the ripper
Little damsel in distress fuck that kill the bitch shady i put her in the body bag zip the black leather
Me and BZ are gonna call you out all together
Undefeated against you like mayweather
You should make the choice, stop making music that’s the best solution
Enough of your reign we need less pollution
I’m insane with the rhymes i need an institution
This battle is one sided like your mindstate
You don’t see what you did wrong thinking your shit is 50/5 like the united states
Kids like you think they can make it
They tell themselves all i gotta do is fake it
But you take it for granted and forsake it
No more going easy man i am a little queasy reading your verses man that shit got me uneasy nevermind there was not a good verse from you i could find
This is gonna be my last response after that im done
Call me hitman i am a hired gun
Thinking you are up there with number 1
People praise me none of the haters phase me
Kkk time to burn the cross kill this fucker leave him dead all alone to think about his actions
Like a child that keeps having misbehaving reactions
Saying on your Bio i am white
Like anyone cares your not eminem like john cena you cant see me you don’t have eagle eye foresight
//Then we have sadistic blade i might hit that fucker in his face with a club or a spade
//I will stay locked up in solitaire better hope i never get out don’t look the other way
That fucker straight up raps about raping innocent women and children
Like what the fuck that shit made me sick i need penicillin
Motherfucker i’m sorry but you kinda look like an emo
I don’t know that is just what it seems though
Look like the one who sneaks through babies window
Rape them slash them bash them over their head with a rock
After that you go slit your wrist
We are gonna fight with a chisel and fist wait nevermind you will just put chisel to wrist
Im sorry but are you a radical extremist
Next time you try to invest in suicide i will persist please i insist let me slit them for you i wanna assist
YNG_SHADY why do you rap when everyone that listens doesn’t even enjoy ok little princess your new name is princess helen of troy
Like adam and eve, banish you from paradise no more heaven take your pen and leave
(Yall like that fuck all of you)

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