feeling so great

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feeling so great
look at my flex
talking some breaths
were is the Stairs
i am really self defend
i just feel so Pressed
this is what fucking Meant
bitch let me take some Rest
icy on my neck
this is what i Kept
it feels i am Wrecked
i am not really scared
oh no i am not playing truth or dare
i will be self aware
let me sit on the chair
this could be fare
i don't really fucking yell
i will be touching the air
this shit is so Blare
i am joking but are we hitting the Snare
i should really Care
haters are really scared
i should never hit their Leg
not freaking dead
i am never Wrecked (ay)
this shit really correct (ay)
i be going out with my friends
this really helps (ay)
i should get tested (ay)
release some album like artist do
i am not acting like a fool
my school is at west van secondary school
i am playful
this shit is grateful
some of the kids are Truthful
not acting Brutal
its really Simple
i'am a 14 year old
i'am already awake though
already blowed
this is what i Showed
singing and rapping around the Globe
i will keep it on Hold
not the Ghost

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