Put it in drive

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Put it in drive niggas know what I drive
Riding till we reach the coast line
Bentley on the highway
got your bitch by my side
9mm in yo face snitches gone die
Pretty fly guy always drinking rye
Smoking like a Rasta , yeah we getting high
Always First to Think fast
Ditch before the last act
Niggas try going forward on reverse
Showed up on stage whit only half a verse
Gave the crowed what they deserved
I’m , huge , like , the Everest
Come on bitch now you know I never rest
Dropped that shit on the mic put it to the test
More serious mafk , notoriously built ma nest
Gettin hot in here someone grab my vest
Pitch your money in the pot , we’re partying at sunset
Like , man , oh , all these mofo restless
Rhyming is the only food that I ingest , nigga no stress
Slickest , Medusa leave niggas petrified with ma rhymes
Smoked to much shit bitch got permafried ,
So careless like a cat on its ninth live
And believe me you don’t wanna get a rise out of me
Bro before hoes that’s my kinda trust , me
Ain’t got no time for no fucking slut
Oiled up , Waterproof like a duck
Lyrical marriage tie the fucking knot
Ultimate Bible Teach Mans How to slam
Walked in the room like yo my name Sam
ran out of fucks to give a while back ,
Rack,black lost them on the track
Yeah gotcha ur bitch on her fucking knees
Begin me please
Put it in drive niggas know what I ride
Just another fly guy , call me Hawkeye
Bentley on the highway better get out of my way
You don’t believe I got your bitch by my side
It’s gone be to late by time you realize
Got no brake lines , must be out of my mind ,
Cocked the nine back nigga says good byes
Took the Bentley from park to drive
200 miles an hour it’s a hell of a ride
nigga trust me we alive
it’s my time to shine
I’m done standing still , waiting in line
Nah I’m just playing that’s not the way I am ,
More of a gentleman like Will-I-am ,
Now go get yourself a cheapass tan
Put a suit and tie and you tha man !
So many lines I would’ve have to draw you a map
I don’t remember learning how to rap
Born with that shit , but you d call my crap
made the perfect plan put down the perfect trap
You really think you’re A Grade
But you just pee-wee level
Don’t believe me ? Ask your mother
And if you don’t know it yet ,
Yeah I’m you’re #1 Hater ,ur shit I wouldn’t bother
I never witness this so bow down to your master
Butterfly turned back in a caterpillar
you ain’t more street suck your mother ,
Fire myself top , misfired rocket .
My 9 in ur face bitch empty your pockets
With my golden Glock, walked to the church and stole your flock ,
please don’t be mad when I shoot up the block ,
it’s just a figure of speech ,
more seriously I’m just here to try n get this money ,
Put it in drive niggas know what I drive
Bentley on the highway it’s a hell of a ride
got your bitch shotgun by my side
Cut out my own brake lines ,
I must really be out of my mind ,
Pull-up to the show like mafk we arrived ,
Pulled the trigger between is eyes , snitch just died
Written by : Saw

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