Famous Bars

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Verse Starts At 1 minute and 2 seconds
Catapult my status to the pedestool
And ravish like a savage till
I finally reach my endin goal
What im speeding and the pedal broke
And if I don’t make it
Cause the planet must of
Ended yo
Shit my fucking pencil broke
I Run the human race
Like im aiming for the medal gold
Reachin mega towers
Like I grew these fucking wings to sore
Stomp the competition
an stop to shine my reddish horns
cop a box of repertoire
a pack of twisted swishers, and
a bag of magic metaphors
a machete to match it
hack a path through
thick greens an grasses
tunnel through the jungle
getting closer to the rumble
as I knock on fames door
lightly ya sorta subtle
no answer, fuck this shit
kick the door down quick
this my dream bitch

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