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Woke up with this drunk feeling.
All my exes they be cheating.
They always be with that chick they sleeping with
Dont touch me, cuz I'm expensive.
So I guess this is not the moment to cherish.
So. I broke up with Chris cuz he was a menace.
I am not, and will never be your precious.
Lizzie would be very jealous.
Oh wait! I stole her necklace.
Help me baby, I'm breathless.
Your text messages just leave me restless.
I can be the rebel, I can be the devil, be careful.
You be the dull one, not on my level!
Cause boy you dont have the potential.
I can be special, you be a flower pedal.
Enchanté, comment allez-vous?
Très bien, merci et vous, et vous, et vous
Et vous, et vous, et vous.
You are not the one I would screw.
You be sputtering all these issues!
Ain't looking for any kind of excuse.
This like L.A Love.
I swear to god I promise.
My darkness would reign. Drink all this champagne
They be smoking all that Mary Jane Holland.
You be showing all that blood lust.
Guess who just lost their trust.
What the hell is that stunt.
Guess who's on the hunt.
Cause I'm I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T.
Cant see me B-R-O-K-E. IM P-A-I-D.
Heard about me honey.
Fuck this anxiety, it's like losing your mentality.
I dont really need your company.
Just Bend The Knee!
Cuz everybody dont need your body.

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