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I been tryna switch up my lyrics
And fixing my mixing sometimes you can't even hear it
I'm hit with a blessing sometimes I can't even see it
I smoke so much potent I swear I practically breathe it
I should take it easy
I choose not to
Coat the blunt with kief you see me dip it like some fondue
I could sing a song and tell you everything is possible
But I don't want to
I'm not even fucking done yet
How I'm 'spose to say that when I ain't even blow up yet
It didn't fucking happen so you couldn't say it does yet
You say tomorrow's sunny but you ain't even see the sun yet
Fuck I'm kind of upset
I see how we acting and I think we better off dead
Fuck it I'll go first just put the bullet up in my head
I could clear my thoughts with just a little bit of meds
Or I could clear it all and take a lesson from the lead
[Verse 2]
Everything I make is fucking shit
I mean how cool can multiple voices really get
Every single drop is always just what you expect
9TAILS making music just for crying in your bed
Bitch, I'm making fucking music 'bout the thoughts inside my head
Tired of my problems you should drop a track instead
I make all my shit for me I'm barely getting bread
Get the fuck out of my messages with all the disrespect
You know I really don't deserve it
As for all the lyrics bitch, I hope you fucking learn this
And I don't need the fame and fuck the tours this ain't purpose
This ain't no small loan of one million, bitch I earned this
I hope you heard this
I fucking earned this

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