take my time

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i always take my time
my moma told me come here i said anytime
Huh, got to get better with time
I shine, you shine, so we shine
when I blow up at talent show they said you blowed away
Gotta say it was a good day
I'm hopped up on it, it won't go away
But I - somehow, some way
If you out there let me hear you say
i did not gotta broken heart this is what i gotta say (oh shit)
When you see the instant replay
Whoa, umm, it seems you had a lot to say
Until I started to lose my way
Cause I ain't really care what the rest say
when i was child my mom and dad were talking i try to stop them
Time after time, again and again
And it rules everything around them
Who feel 9 to 5, seeing me again
And do I need to mention when
When they here today what you say to them
I baby ya
Must be something you want me to see
Trying to catch me riding dirty
I'm a G, and this is something you can't see

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