Rest In Peace

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Shoot's Notes

When niggas die it hurts

There's so many reasons they have died there's so many demons
in my mind you know i've been keeping my grind i wish they was still alive
what happend to them wasn't a surprise
There's so many niggas that died in front of my eyes so many days i've
been in my bed and i've been crying so many days told myself to get over it
and i've been trying i know i'm not to the top yet but you know i gotta keep
climbing i'm not my way out of the blizzard but i gotta keep fighting for my
homies i gotta keep riding cuz any day they could die in front of my face
the shit that happend to me i cant just erase i almost found my way out
of the maze remeber them days i used to rob niggas for they chains
shot some niggas in they brain i'll beat a nigga ass like Johnny Cage
if a nigga run up i gotta engage the shit in the past gotta flip the page fuck
a friend these niggas in the streets they just fake the niggas that always
gonna have your back is your family giving my mom and my brothers some
of my money what i really need to do is start a company to my people that
died Rest In Peace they in the dirt sleep where do i have them? in my heart
thats where they gon be for the rest of my life dont need gun or need a knife
Mr. G remember that time on Thanksgiving when me and Andre took your
hat but now you in your casket R.I.P Mr. G I love New York
City these niggas is pussy i aint no fucking rookie ate the pussy like a
cookie and my moms is going through the struggle im in the streets im
staying humble im unstoppable in a second my life can crumble im just sad
from the shit that happened this is not the shit that i imagined shit is sad
but im still rapping and im still blasting at niggas that be acting that not really
bout that action blowing up is my passion used to run up in niggas houses
and steal a fraction i hate too much questions Rest In peace to all my niggas
in heaven(Just saying i love my family members that died and my niggas
that died R.I.P)

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