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they say keepyaheadup but i'm keeping it down
i'm a clown wearing a frown
look in the mirror than i turn around
it feels like summer but it ain't,
don't act innocent nigga you ain't a saint
i take my heart and than i paint it with her smile
cause maybe she'll like me if i do,
probably just sitting here overthinking things in my own room
promise me you'll catch me if i'm falling to my doom
even when you say i hate you i'mma say i love you too
but that's just me, yeah that's just me
when i'm sad i'm always staring at my fucking feet
when i grow up, wanna be just like the Great Gatsby
when i'm leaving i'mma say "can all you hoes catch me"
that's blasphemy, catastrophe,bow down, i'm your majesty,
don't wanna die from a tragedy. it's just stupid
I don't need a cupid,my heart feeling useless
like a ball because they use it

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