Insanity (ft. RIOT) [Prod. by ES...

• Written by  • Featuring RIOT

[Lucius 0:16-1:25]
Pack gats, thunder cracks, gun racks, ammo stacks.
Rocking all black like the Raiders, I'm attacking these invaders.
I prey upon these traitors, they'll be praying for a savior.
Fuck haters, failure's in their nature, jealous that I'm greater.
Don't believe in a creator, leave you bleeding from these razors.
Call me Thor, I'm breakin' storms, make the ground shake.
Make you mourn at wakes, cold cases, gone without a trace.
I want it, when I got it, I'll flaunt it, I'm running the gauntlet.
To infinity and beyond, been buzzed for light years.
I know it's distance and not time, I misuse the term to incite queers.
Ain't got the will to shake spears, you'll just quake in fear.
You won't make it here, yo bitch naked and she's wasted here.
She'll take it in the rear, then I'll disappear and steer clear.
My damage is severe, I end careers of mere mortals.
Reappear from weird portals, leave you shaking like withdrawals.
Y'all got fake morals, make quarrels, washed up like Blake Bortles.
I chop with the Tech, I'm demanding respect, step to me, I'll dissect.
Can't stop me, got the Dragon energy, I'm draggin' enemies like K West.
I stay blessed, fade pests, slay the rest, get paid checks, I may be next.
You can choose a side, defect and disrespect, that's suicide.
Run and hide, I provide the Homicide like Em and Logic.
On my Dahm shit, goth bitches all I like, precise strikes like Sun Tzu.
Wrong choice to go against me, dude, I squash bitches, blood fill the ditches.
Hold onto your breeches, bold cowboy, but I'm not from Dallas.
Witness the madness, full of malice, bringing balance like Thanos.
God of War like Kratos, in the shadows like I'm Bane tho.
Remember the name, I'm spitting flames like a god damned volcano.
[RIOT 1:27-2:55]
Matt with a Fast Flow, Cash doe,
Super Smash Bro's, with the Badge-Glow, Lazlo, assholes,
Pass those, must be tony-stark, just bagged a Daxnos,
tell me where ya stash hoes,
don't revel in the past goals,
when I snap ya neck, make you that's fold.
Just another good guy, just another good try,
just another "Would....why?",
chainsaw, sit back watch the wood fly,
even if I could I...wouldn't change nothin',
aww, it's that lil' Wayne bumpin', in the ride, lil' Dang Dumb-Shit,
Vampires, with the fangs, blood and, Super-Mane Muffins

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