Chronic (ft. Jago The Wanderer)

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//Verse 1 0:20-0:59//
Working hard takes alittle patience
Takes time with alittle maintenance
For better flows rhymes and cadence
Keep yourself from becoming tainted
Better yet don't look at the hatred
Explore round become educated
I keep up to stay motivated
To ignore my recent frustrations
I keep going because this my passion
Thats how we keep taking the action
Even when the pay is a fraction
Dirts looser we get better traction
Practice to get touchdowns like Madden
Dreams turn true like wishes from Aladdin
The question becomes what just happened
Your unknown then you go platinum
//Chorus 0:59-1:19//
//Verse 2 Jago_the_Wanderer 1:19-1:59//
Keep hustlin' boy keep grindin', this your life you gotta make somethin' out of it,
The grind maybe hard, but you gotta take your time, make your mark,
Can't have fire if you can't provide the spark, the way you gotta do it, make it feel like art,
If you get the contract, man you gotta be smart, ask 50/50 and nothing lower,
Your worth more than the average over the shoulder, rapper who's reality's been shattered,
Cause they had a wack label deal, didn't read the paper, just went by on the feel,
Of the situation of makin' it, but if you sign ya life away, you aint makin' shit,
Gotta provide 5 albums just to get 2 cents, all because of how much of that first check you spend,
This is the shit you gotta comprehend, so please tell me you understand.
//Chorus 1:59-2:19//
//Verse 3 2:19-2:59//
Don't try to make tapes make masterpieces
Ride on on your waves your stream increases
Thinking bout cash your fanbase decreases
Yea you got the bars but you aint got the reeses
Put in work at your job and side hustle
Gotta power through to get them big muscles
Rapping gets better practice double
No messin round stay outta trouble
You wanna get on top go for it
If your good you dont get bored of it
If you wanna score then throw a couple
Your no small bee your a big bumble
Run for it like you saw a fumble
The big prizes arise from the struggle
Go all in keep aiming for the stars
If really want all them fancy cars
//Chorus 1:59-2:19//

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