Stay In Your Lane [Prod. by ESKRY]

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Stay in your lane or I'm sharing the pain.
I'll filet you then drain strains of your brain.
Pop like champagne, leaving mangled remains.
I'm splitting your veins, bitch, I strangle with chains.
Can't handle this shit, lit John's Wick like a candle.
I'm unpredictable, life's been evicted too, lives are dismantled.
Strapped like sandals, verbal vandal, leaving homes in shambles.
Got the game in shackles, popped his top like Snapples.
We're not the same, yet you proclaim you got flames.
It's a damned shame, ain't made no claims, yet I always get framed.
Don't blame me when you're dying in vain, this is my domain.
Don't complain when you come plain, I can't numb pain.
I run things, spray bloodstains, you can't sustain.
Rocking like Dave Mustaine, sped off in the Mustang.
Drop the top, it's a headless horse, you been led off course.
I show no remorse, feeling like Obi Wan, I know the force.
Got whores on all fours like my car doors, ballin' like Vince Carter.
I came, saw, I conquered, spikes impale these martyrs.
Said burn in hell, I'm a motherfuckin' monster.
Better pray to the father or you'll get sprayed with the chopper.
Don't know why I even bother.

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