The Lone Warrior

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Niggas that make me frown I don't be around
Yet they surround me like swarming pest I'm not astound
That's why with my family I'm so distant
We are far from the same but closed to being different
They fucking ignorant with so much dysfunction
No can save this shit it's already in destruction
I get sick of living with em they fuck up my day
I'm releasing the strain I'm done sucking up this way
I'm underestimated I'm less than rated
All this fucking annoyance and heck I hate it
I'm just trying to make it trying to find a passion
Fuck a job it ain't the same joy I find in rapping
Or sketching or music or lifting weights in the gym
I go hard everyday I'm going straight for the win
But everyday it seems like I'm battling the world curse
With a lone warrior's mentality in this verse

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