Gods Of Rap ft. Lucius, Norstar,...

• Written by  • Featuring PsychoPuppet, JohnnyG, and NorStar

// Verse - Godly //
Okay listen.
Acting cool, but road rage driven;
don't stay in his own lane, bitches
Acting smart, but no name written
Cope pain itch it, old age kicks in.
Acting tough, but go play with kids
croquet, fishin' code name misfit.
Acting savage, but bro makes writtens.
Thank him, name is famous made this
great hit blazin'.
Honestly I don't know,
Not really lies though so....
Some of y'all need to try,
I'm barely even breaking sweats.
Most of all please do write
Rhyme rarely, really making threats?
I kill bitches in a single verse.
My skill injures kids, tough people, nerds.
Mic grilled, relentless, fuck these stealers.
Fuck you if you think we are really biased.
Passing the mic to Lucius, don't you get moody, bitch!
// Verse - Lucius //
Hop on these tracks just to murder 'em,
Stomp on these fags, yes, I'm hurting 'em.
Lonely, no support, running bitches over like I'm Tony Stewart.
Visions blurred, speech is slurred, man, I fuckin' kill for sport.
Came in with sheer hopes I'd be facing competition.
In a position to win like the Migos, I'm going zero to hero.
Good Fella like Robert De Niro, I don't come in with these weird flows.
Here goes nothing, I'm tryna show y'all something.
I'm causing racket, head rolls into baskets, you cannot match this.
This L you gon' catch it, fresh out the straight jacket.
Filling caskets with these ratchet hoes, that's how it goes.
I'm a psycho puppet kicking buckets, yelling "Fuck it."
Still alive tho, suck a dick and upchuck the nut.
Godly with this, slut, keep your fucking mouth shut.
Grimm with this, in the cut reaping souls, tis you for whom the bell tolls.
I murk whole platoons of goons in only one fell swoop.
High noon, shoot enemy troops out the roof of the coupe.
My dude, I'll kill entire groups with fucking ice cream scoops.
Oops, I'm a bad influence for the youth, slice dreams with the truth.
Y'all in congruence with new trends, I'm confusing these fools then.
// Verse - Norstar //
Shit pass tha mic to me I'm gon rip it off the cord
Rip a chord rift annoyed with these boys
Strictly out here makin noise
I implore you disappear before I return with my toys
Got them big guns get some heated heavy for the war
I'm a narcissist dont get involved with this I promise bitch
I drop your ass quicker than a call in the wilderness
I dont give a shit rip thru your chest like a Xenomorph
Scene of horror need some more weed to smoke before I go to war
Thank you lord for blessing me with more then I ever bargained for
Nor with Godly do ungodly things to these phonies boy
Paranoid paranormal parasites that tear a hole
Irreparable eerie parables yea I stare at those
Prepare for more uninvited guest then dessert storm
The best are born with less then more and know what they fighting for
Strike with swords crashing forward are you ready here we go its time to wreck em like Paul Walkers Porsche
// Verse - PsychoPuppet //
The puppet is the god of rap, you talkin smack? I put a stop to that
My writin otherwordly like an almanac
Can’t be put to sleep I’m an insomniac when on the track
You fuckin with a boss like Holly Flax from the Office staff
If I’m so much as walkin past the competition all collapse
MCs get slaughtered faster than a bomber strapped, roger that?
As everything you thought you had disappears
Ya little song and dance turned out to be the encore act
This ya final hour cause I got the gift like bridal showers
Y’all can rap sure but I’m ya higher power
That’s what everybody in the industry said
But with no autotune their fans would have picked up and left
The ones that we idolize started from a low point
Ironic how the ones who really talkin ain’t got no voice
The ones who put in work never got inside a Rolls Royce
You got a couple gold coins? Holla at ya homeboy!
And by gold coins I don’t mean a profit to cash in
None of that is worth more than knowledge and talent
You can get clawed apart with my talons
And get ya self put in a box like a ballot

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