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I be overcoming that flow I showin them the major key/
I be crazy blowing trees all I smoke is broccoli/
I constantly destroying these boys in the building/
I be seein hella niggas lookin sloppy in the lobby/
I be drinking this liquor n smokin these smoke/
I get em all choked up like they see a ghost/
I be givin a toast showin niggas I be doing my shit/
Cause I’m fuckin lit makin a jackpot like the lottery/
I be showin I’m a worthy collaborator cause I flex/
Comin out wit the Rolex on my wrist I be the biggest/
Gettin the sickest beats I get the tempo bass low/
They mad my flow be fresh I get ya flesh eaten By maggots/
I got bad habits of drinking hella liquor but not really giving a shit/
I overcome my fear losing my spot but niggas can’t rap for shit/
I be gettin lit til midnight fallin over the curb making myself foolish/

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