Put em up ( Boxing Match)

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on a winning streak
Visions always been on point
By the way I lead
This Is always been the dream
Knockout ringin
'bility to secure
my own destiny
Follow me
Hit a like a, 2,1
Final blow from my left hook,
make you run
I've been sport'n on this,
train em when I'm young
Pre warning ya
I'mma get the job done
I've been clocking on your strategy
ever since you step in my ring
thinkin you would be hard to beat
Keep boosting up ya self esteem
you'll be sorry
When I'm done with ya, pack your shit
Go cry to mommy
My Guard stance, got your strategy
Turned to shit,
Quick, you better make a new plan
Time's tickin bitch
You waited for your big shot
Tryna step to me
Round of applause
Lackin animosity
It's like I'm not familiar,
dealt with punks like you before
throwin round that yip yap,
Keen? If you had the balls
Prove to me, with your actions
See how good you raise the fear
Dealt with the last dude
Now he's in intensive care
Okay, my turn, you had moment son
I'm straight to the point
Ain't no fuck arounds
Got dem hitta knocks
Chuck em dukes up
Hit you with dat bop
When the beat drop
Going non stop
Breathing through the pain
Lost your fuel to keep the fire
Going, what a shame
Your times about to expire
I crush on people delegance
Remind you that you're ego
Is your only talent
That you bought
With your weak blows
already over it
Roll my eyes
Had to the give the crowd
Their cents worth
to make you my little bitch
For the night
A few more knocks
With the extra sauce
By the end
You gonna wanna change
Your career now
Water boy
Come to the end
Seeing who the winner is
No surprise when my arms
Go up
once again
Standin there
with a staunch look on my face
This the last image
You'll remember
When you leave this place

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