You Disgust me

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Boy you disgust me
You don't give a fuck about nobody
All you care about is being popular
But you ain't popular, your just a punk motherfucker
You've been acting like a dickhead lately
So I think you need to change your attitude quickly
Or it's gonna get ugly
So change your ways and do things differently
You say that I'm racist
I say your wrong, I'm not racist, I'm the fucking coolest
When it comes to the ladies I do my best to be the smoothest
Just ask the girls, they think I'm the sweetest
You need to back off
If you make me pissed, I'm gonna slam you against the walls
Now I'm showing you who's boss
I don't flex on people, I'm humble, flexing is for losers
I have never been to jail, never had to talk to an officer
Boy you know that everything is not about you
Haven't you got a clue?
Bro your not fucking cool, no your not fucking tough
I think it's time for you to go inside, it's way past your curfew
Hanging out with my girls, they think I'm funny
I have to admit that your jump shot is kind of rusty
You're also pretty weak, you can't beat anyone up physically
I keep my girls entertained
I've never gotten a complaint
You already know that I'm the alpha, that's because I dominate
I bet that you won't even graduate
Your time is up, it's too late
Still, haven't been on my first date
But I don't care because haters gonna hate
I'm the one who decides my own fate
I know that my life is pretty great
Ain't nothing that I hate
I kinda wished I pulled more girls
But all my girls, yea there my lovers
Yea you know their amateurs
I put in a lot of fucking work
When I write my rhymes, It's like doing paperwork
I need to take a break
Maybe I should go and lift some weights
Most people love me, just ask my classmates
They will tell you what I'm like
and those who don't, they might be a dyke
I love the summertime, hooping outside, flying my kite
Your girl may be a prick
But she kinda thick
in fact, she can just hop on this stick
Your girl, she flexible, oh that's fucking lit
Now that's what I'm talking about, that's the shit
So shut up and take another hit
Take another sip
I see you biting on your lip
Girl I know you in the mood, I know you wanna blow
Love hearing you say hello
Can't believe your ex used to be my bro
But now he just a hoe
I moved on, it was time for him to go
Been trying to keep this rap inflow
Been wondering when I will have my first rap show
I must say I got a pretty decent amount of dough
Boy that is facts, you already know
Yea, your ex, he a hoe
But I moved on, it was time for him to go
Yea your ex, he a hoe
But I moved on, it was time for him to go.

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