The 672 Reject Society-Part 2 of 3

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Look, back with part 2
Explaining what is wrong, with guys like you
mentioning all the hate, now let's bring my crew
Wavin' out loud, to my boy named rift
still struggling, cuttin' his wrist
He thinks when he dies, he won't be missed
but that's not true, although this is hardest
Mixing it, with my man lemonsquid
the one everybody shouts "that's who I did"
quite a cool guy, very gifted
could beat me quickly, but i'm committed
Reading through suicide notes with my main man KingBeast
Rappin' with him makes it nice like a feast
Handin out prayers like the local priest
the one true man, who isn't diseased
See u guys later, in my next track
givin' out beats like a nonstop seizure
moving like hell, call me the reaper.

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