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‘Watts, some faggot dissed a lot of people for no purpose! You have to stop it!’
Here we go!
So there’s a man with no identity, but nicknamed as Chase-The-Bitch
He had friends with RIOT by forcing innocent RIOT with racist shit.
‘You and me RIOT, deal’s here: you will always promote my raps. Ouch! Fuck! How dare you betray me slave! You made me broke my back! I’ll insult you! You got stolen raps!’
Sir, would you dare witness the battle of the chase the bitch preparing for his final strike?
‘Nah I think he is too small to fight against RIOT the Dino rapper, it’s a Dino fight!’
So we collected data to see where he lives to ensure he doesn’t attack RIOT.
‘I got other friends’ ah shit he ain’t even tryin’.
He said that he’s the best of all, but after the battle he never start to mess with all,
‘Sorry opponent we got technical difficulties with my brain so it needs to reset,’ He messaged his rivals, ‘If you think I’m the worst then show some respect’
Chase-The-Bitch, I don’t even wanna diss you man?
Chase, where in the world you are right now? I miss you man!
Chase-The-Bitch, it’s him in person
Watch him do his dick performance with the updated version
Watch him do back flips with his dick and beat up himself despite he’s a virgin
At first I don’t realise this beef
Until one man tells me to reply the heat
Let me try to think and imagine it:
Spitting some lyrics on the stage when all of a sudden a dildo flew across towards the stage,
It’s ChaseTheBitch!
He asked me if I could be a bitch for he feast but I rejected, so he warped to rage
Then panic, so we forked his face with a knife and he yelled.
We ran away with auto mobiles so to retort his pace, but unfortunately he deleted the sport in race.
He flew across the ocean and thought he’s free with it,
But all of a sudden RIOT shot towards with a missile with the sign ‘Eating Kids’
Condeos and others grabbed guns to shoot that down,
Bitches I am the best with NaziMan so you’re sent to gulag now!
Chase please reply this diss, or maybe at least reply with piss, unless you don’t rely with it,
Ok now back to main ass question: Where is Chase-The-Bitch?
We saw him going over the border in America so we tried but we couldn’t use his black magic,
‘We can use hyper speed through!’ ‘Ok let’s go!’ (Whoosh!)
Then suddenly there goes Chase so we backstabbed him,
But he told us to use his raps for peace because he’s legendary.
He thought he’s the best of all? We saw him switch his secondary
Then he fell down the seas and thought he could escape the fight
But soon his actions made his day a day of mics
He think he could rap but just spits his saliva steam so fast it’s like how RIOT helped him by using up his money.
‘Here’s the alphabet. You getting it?’
‘Uh this isn’t a good beef, Chase please pay the price.
Chase-The-Bitch, it’s him in person
Watch him do his dick performance with the updated version
Watch him do back flips with his dick and beat up himself despite he’s a virgin
Chase, give me the reply! Give me your car smashing wall crashing actions!
Remember to take notes of your women smashing bashin!
Talk about the gun shit! Shoot bullets like you do in little shooters! Use your rap pad! Drop the heat back!
‘Uh no, we rap peacefully. Peace man’
Plus he raps always with his verse stealing all of the credit, which made the rappers furious.
‘Wow that’s some nice rhymes Chase, where do you get them from?’
And also we create the most refined music, call my squad Eminem and Dr Dre, we are friends, we call our band Fusion
So he did the first time of making a battle peacefully by talking other things.
We caught Chase and started the entire beef again,
‘Nibba!’ ‘It’s Nitrogen bitch, wanna get beat again!’
RIOT and others looked at my torture, so they cheered me,
‘See it? Fear me.’
Then he went offline suddenly.
‘I think Chase The Bitch just wanted to lower the heat again!’

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