Lil Pump Diss

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Ok ok
I just came to say
What I have to say
Hey hey on the mic I slay
Stay stay and u best Fight or be flayed
Neigh say what likes will play
Day break time for Flight or stay
Mumble and run grumble your done
Son you’ll be pun-ished for this shit
Humble up son wish for something with which
You can not stumble on cause the gun is ready for fun
We hate you as real rappers
we’ll tape you to the rafters
And then after laugh at you oh the laughter
Feel the pain as plain as it states what it’s after
And then you fall marathon on call
You ain’t to tall no not at all
You can’t rap your a pawn for the ass cap
In the booth you slack you balling is a fake fact
The truth is your chouf and your meth
Is gonna kill you The proof is in your death
Popping pills dude you're getting killed yet
You still won’t accept the real facts
And how you lack talent fuck your bitch you’ll never have a lover
Your music is nasty unsatisfactory like a cover by a vulgar wive
Fuck off snappy to another place i just hate you it’s nice
That your mother is alive just so you can see her die
I hope you have children. Just to see them burn
I hope you cry a river when ever you see the urn
I hope in future in devers you never deliver or earn
Any respect whether it’s in the form of wet pussies or sperm
With maggots you go hand in hand like a gay faggot
Your gagging I hope you understand that it’s
Plain the flags of wonder for a man in you
Somebody get the wax he’s floundering alright lets continue
I can call you gay seven different ways
The plan is to say if it isn’t plain
That you stand in a way that’s to say
That your motherfucking gay
For fousey (asian) 21 rich your a childpedo son
Something’s wrong you fon-dled purp
You perv you don’t swerve you don’t skrrt
Never saw under a skirt start to wonder if your sure
That your a g because maybe
You just the next regular joe
Calling peace sus to a ho
Farmland needs hag and dough
Lag is old offbeat so doe rae yo
brag even though you believe in ghost
Pant sag you leave going ghost
Hey this the red room see im the host
What torture do you guys want
Force him to cry and do the floss
Important to shy away at all cost
Cause you die today it’s gorgeous
Shot dead
And on that graveston it says
Rip you will not be missed.
lil pump

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