Refuse to lose (remix)

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My bars are catastrophic while I'm smoking on the chronic
My shit is toxic drop kick a basic bitch quit talking all that shit
I'm a catalyst the way I fastly flip the script lyrically equipped to kill a little bitch you're pussy whipped
Subject to addiction I'm the definition of a psychotic fuck who never listened
Killing rappers is my mission murder competition fuck the opposition
The shit you spit is fiction like the Bible you are like little Christians
I'm back to kick your face in like a little brat on fuckin Christmas
My flow is vicious all this shit is so wicked don't ever call me gifted unless you really fucking mean it
You little whores can drink the semen from my penis
I'm the alpha omega your a beta yet you act like Jesus
The words I spit are genius
I got intention to leave you leaking so take this heavy beating
Don't shit where you're sleeping or at your crib I will be creeping
I'm a motherfuckin demon kill without rhyme or reason
I refuse to lose take all my pain and choose to make no excuse
You will be hung in a noose for rapping for views
Don't fuck with me hoe I refuse to lose
Driving rappers to insanity shoot them all down like the sandy hook tragedy
I'm a fucking killer I do this rap drastically there will never be another like me after me
So why you all attacking me hop up in a coupe then I swerve off in to traffic B
All you motherfuckers under me I got you straight up stumbling grumbling muttering
If you wanna pick a fight go ahead and take another swing
I never feel remorse for the ones who were Wondering
I love to see them suffering choking on they words till they start blubbering
If you wanna catch these hands faggot then go ahead and fuck with me (hook)

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