Subtract ( Justin Hughes Offici...

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Justin Hughes the soundcloud rapper
drops his shit like a metal scrapper
he plays oblivion thats a fact
the games 13 years old
thats exact
December 14th came about
you and dylan tried to scrap it out
but the thing is ur pussy
all your friends think ur pushy
you spend £60 on a game
all just to get the fame
You are abusive
and exclusive
and bit a bin
you take 10 hours to find the power
to reply in a game chat ur in
you said u were evolving
but wheres the proof
u have a gaming channel called justagoof
way way back in 2004
ur dad should have cummed on the floor
its a coincidence u are here
if i were u i'd disappear
your irrelevant and thats a fact
i'm additon and ur subtract ...

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