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KazeThaDon's Notes

A Diss towards Bianca, Godly, Dope Doc and Blind Nigger Chap

I've been waiting to long sitting there waiting for you motherfuckers
To catch along, this is just to wrong cuz we're are like the king kong
Just to fucking strong, you will never be as good like us combined
You niggaz are losing your mind cuz we're bringing the heat everytime
Pull out the white flag and the stop sign, the rap game is mine
Sit down wannabes and now watch me rhyme, just like fucking
A bitch whole night, Kaze bringing High level rap qualities
Destroying my enemies with critical fatalities, MMM picking
Up only victories, your heads will remain on my wall like fucking
Golden trophies fuck you all I'm killing all of you normies
That act to be our homies but then stab us in the back like
Pack of bitches that suck dick for a pack of riches, we love it when
The bitch kisses but we hate it when the nigga snitches
That's why we spitting lyrical gunshots that end your careers like
Nuclear bombs, the shot never misses like bianca face that catches
The nut, you've been worshiping our cocks just like godly whos
Been trying to figure out that roblox doesn't have fucking Minecraft
Blocks, unreleased and never heard dope doc is like Dr. Dres album detox
Nigga your still in your fantasy world begging for sympathy and a lollipop
Dope doc here I come with the carnage dick that got you popped
No longer a virgin, but your still on the high end, you lost another fucking good
Friend and still nobody gave you the dollar for your ass that you've bend
Blind nigga were is that constructive feedback? Are you tired of suck our dick
That's just the start, your gonna get gang banged by a wolf pack that wears a
A black mask, it's sad that your a troll that doesn't make fucking nobody laugh
You love my album that much that I wrote you a fucking autograph on a starter cup
I even made you a hat with a logo with that says blind nigger is a total fag
Kaze-E is the definition of rap, I bet when I'm gonna be on stage on day I'll make you
My number one fan and see you clap, bianca shut the fuck up I bet my dick will give you
A hiccup, bitch wants to be a thug but sucks a lot, bitch you lasted like my pot, I smoked you
And then exhaled you out, you make yourself feel proud that the ghetto speaks loud that your
The cause of Aids in your bum town, godly I'm gonna spin your head around
Cuz I'm like 007 James bond that is gonna knock your motherfucking lights out
This is the next level shit of destruction, Kaze and novus blasting enemies with punchlines
From hell, you bitches have been cursed by a spell wich is called Triple M thats laying the fucking
Mayhem, god bless this verse for does kids that are fucking out of luck that choke on every line
That they have wrote, I'm like thanos snapping my fingers, making all of you bitches disappear
This is a armageddon atmosphere it will end catastrophic when you come too close
Me and mugs show no fucking remorse, niggaz sit tight and bump your head to our verse
More numbers more dollars, Kaze and mugshotz real brothers that are true natural born Killers
Just are names are much more worth then any kind of words, when we sting it fucking hurts
We make does recording bastards look like little helpless cowards, I seen so many of downfalls
Of rappers that proclaimed themselves as lyrical wizards, where are you niggaz now while I'm
On top and your still crawling down, you bitches still have your facedown when your in my
Devils playground.
Look at yourself now bitches, I am the Motherfucking
M.O.B here, we don't bleed nigga we make niggaz bleed

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