Lyric Lee REBORN

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I was Multiverse, because someone gave me that name but I found it was never me..

First spit emceedom's angstrom units language-flipping Stanley Rubik spits-twisting like CUBE PIECE! Edge electro status "clear em' out" brushed Playstation's Q-TIP, A-rocked off the Metric, essential statistics-a`la prepositional phrase "space rocketing" activity multimodal air-flight N1 rocket spits A1 "spiked" gimmicks mediocres stabbed with Lactophrys quadricornis horns, gettin' anaesthesia larngoscope VOCAL CORDS, verse-variable Multivariate methods within' mutually independent events sweepin' "galactic destruction" statistic magnetism-Twilight Zone curved Kurtosis electric charge Magnetic Field Ragnarok, emcee's shrine microphone plated in the Banaras. Spitta power-generation circulating current, electrical-dome shaped like Magnetospheric spittin' "spaced" star literates hover the spheric. Spittin' verses gamble commodities placed in lyrical BUCKET SHOPS, left-wreck gotta plot undercover cops spittin' MUMBLE SHOTS "planner pages criminal prints" mastermind's INSTRUCTION POPS hoodlum building entrepreneur quasi-independence begins to wield finance-bucketing myths, ancient Mythopoeia drum pimping pits! Hum-splitting hymns Military-camps doin' Tony Sicero militia dances wit Nas choruses with superstitious masses moon-glancing circumlunar vision, obligated restricted from rhythm, enter musical box-sun lit the MELODY PRISM. Televised personality like Melanie Chisholm, I got the HELL IN ME TO SPIT FLOW, way it flies like rockets LET THIS G, THROUGH GET BLOWN! Almighty pen acquiescence to ink-whip these bookworms gotta consent, lyrical shots split ya dome when I ascend.

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