Oh My! (Bianca diss)

• Written by  • Featuring KazeThaJoker

//You thought you could diss triple M?
//fuckin' hoe, you ratchet as fuck.
//lemme rip you a new vagina here.
//Verse 1
Oh my, it's that time, bout to hammer this hoe with a nine,
Never thought i'd go into a life of crime, now look at me i'm doin' lines,
Ski slopes all over a bitch, then cum on her tits, like "What the fuck is this?!"
Never thought i'd be the one to respond, to a thot who think's she on top,
Claims to be hood but is probably one of those suburb walkers thinkin' she hotter than everyone else,
Ratchet bitch, get smart cause you're shit is basic, 1st grade shit, get the fuck off of me i'm A-list,
I've got a lion's roar, bout to give an encore, bloodied from battles and wars but lookin' for more, just tryin to settle the score,
Poor me, poor you, pour me, another drink, please and thank you, but i'll tank you, my homies will rape you,
Gotta stay true, bitch you probably sniffin' gorilla glue, you diss anyone you don't like, but ride they dicks like a bike
You're inconsistent, repetitive at best, and you'd probably diss Kanye West, just to have sex with him next!
Your period-induced rage means that you should be in a cage, you're so fake it's unbelievable,
Law of the Jungle, gettin' preyed upon cause you weak, i'm about to sneak up,
Hit her with a 2 piece combo, of the truth that's hard to swallow, lookin' like a damn marshmallow,
You ain't ghetto, because if you were you wouldn't be here, dear, you'd be on youtube self-snitchin',
Then bitchin' about how the police be trippin', when it's you sittin' on live talkin' about drug deals and hiittin' niggas up with nines,
Like the pigs wouldn't get at you for that shit, shut your trap bitch, you aint that big, you's a bully,
And i'm fully, committed to takin' you down, actin' big and tough but when the dog wakes up, you don't wanna discuss,
How you think you're great, filled with hate, someone come and get me, oh too late,
I'm bout to put this bitch on ice with no skates, chop her up throw her in a lake,
Now I'm gonna pass it to Kaze so I can get baked.
//Verse 2 Kaze-E
Niggaz I keep it old school, so better don't move I got
Kids to feed and I may use the motherfucking M3, and if a
Bitch like bianca gets in my way I may slit her neck, cuz
I am the most dangerous threat, I will make you regret
Cuz you caught attention of a nigga with the illest
Mindset, you got smoked by everyone like a cigarette
Became the biggest bitch on the Internet, you spread your
Legs for some big dick then you suddenly fucking thought
That your some thick bitch, but the reality is that your a
Garbage go grab some fucking knowledge cuz I even think
That you understand this motherfucking language, here is
Kaze delivering a package full of lyrical damage, there is no
Something like a ghetto bitch only bitches that suck dick
For an dollar, white is white and black is black just like this
Fucking rap, so start realising the color, the temperature of
This fucking heat is rising, and your the Hoe that is denying
While my fans will standing on their toes waiting for another
Phenomenal verse, bianca your the character in my film and
I'm the director, and there will be a scene were your catching
Our fucking nectar, the niggaz came in her room then fucked
Her with broom, this is your doom, the question is how much
Of an assault can she consume, then the little gat comes in
The game boom! She got popped like a fucking balloon
Fucking with jago and kaze is a deadly game, the lyrics
That we spit are rougher than cocaine, This is MMM
Ruthless and colded blooded, the most motherfucking
Talented that will leave your mind corrupted!
//Class is dismissed
//You better have payed attention
//Cause this WILL be on the test tomorrow.

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