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All my notes packing heat
facts you can't compete with
when I stroll down the street
You should fear bruh
I been around enough
To know a fake hoe when I see one
I'm no gangster
But I'll stand for mine and that's what they're fearing
When their life is looking feline, pussy
Don't play with me
Running round in your fairy tale, fuckers
Living make believe
Got that sheltered life saying farewell
Why why oh why
Why can't you let the bros fly
Why why oh why
Why I gotta keep my dreams inside
Let's stop with all the games
Got me feeling some funky fucking way
I don't really hate
You just got me feeling bitter
That's that aftertaste
fuck that
Let's separate
Go our separate ways let me renovate
Free me from the fake
You ain't really seen pain I just want to say
This is my final straw think my back's about to break
Bounced back like fuck the hate
Fuck the fake
I'll just educate
Cause I got a fucking brain too
Man they all say
They got that ak
But that ain't true
The game failed you
But don't let it bring you down
Get your dreams
And gather round
We are on a different plane
We don't speak that kind of sound
But you already knew that
Look to your self
See that youre found
It doesn't matter bout the rest
Crown on the head
Fuck the cheques
Fuck the rest
I just know I have bled
Now the crown on the head
It doesn't matter bout the cheques or the rest
Crown on the head
Fuck the crowd of counterfeit
Climbing out of pits
see a kid proud of his
This is as real as it gets
Record label like signing deals with the Fed's
Dead presidents trapping kids overseas
If you got a talent
Know your worth
Don't let these bastards in
They'll put you in the dirt
Lesson number 1
Know your worth
Ain't worth the serpent lurking near
They say last call
Curtain closing
And you know they curved the real
And you know they curved the real
That's what's real
Fuck a deal
Fuck the fear
You already got the key
So go find your lock
And ball impossibly
This is not hypocrisy
I just got a lot to spill
I was chasing deals
Now I'm chasing thrills
Y'all chasing heels in the hills
That ain't right
Between the pills and the bills
That's a fight
It ain't right
Addicted to them killers but feel no fright
I went left they went right Its a trap
But now I'm back with the sign in my hand
I found the light
Drowned the lies
Can't oblige to your guides
Jesus Christ

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